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Behind the Podium: Unveiling the Coach

Feb 10, 2019

Today we are going behind the podium for a second time with Elizabeth Wipff; coach, teacher, mentor, meditator, competitive Olympic Weightlifter, Yoga Tune Up teacher/teacher-trainer, movement-mobility specialist, CrossFitter, dancer, theatre arts graduate, singer, straight-shooter, anti-bullshitter, quote-collector, wife, and life-long searcher.

Specifically, this guest of ours has been coaching and teaching nationally since 1999 and has presented trainings and workshops at Kripalu Center for Yoga, YogaWorks studios, and CrossFit boxes throughout the US.

Currently, her coaching is specifically focused on empowering fitness professionals to dream big and helping those professionals to tactically go after those dreams. What began as If X Then Why is now THRIVE: Business Building for Yoga and Fitness Professionals.

This guest of ours was originally featured on episode 6 of Behind the Podium. 2 years and 60 episodes later, we are thrilled to welcome Elizabeth Wipff back to unpack the latest in her thinking and feelings about the struggles, philosophies, and practices of her coaching endeavors.

We cover:

  • How to find your enthusiasm with what you do
  • Why doing what’s easy may be the best choice
  • How to redefine your role as a leader
  • How to be an influencer vs a leader
  • How to ensure your live event or training is a success
  • Why being of service to your clients is the most important thing you do
  • Why all teachers deserve a sustainable wage


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