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Behind the Podium: Unveiling the Coach

Jan 27, 2019

Today we go behind the podium with Jason Von Stietz. He is a coach, Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology, Sports Psychology consultant, neurofeedback technician, sumo wrestler, an avid supporter of house Stark, weightlifter, recipient of the student-athlete of the year award from his high school, husband, and father of three cats—Penny, Cowboy, and Mimi.

Specifically, this guest of ours helped bring a sports psychology presence to the Major League Baseball Youth Academy in Compton, Los Angeles Valley College, and Whittier College. He has had the opportunity to act as team consultant to several collegiate teams, consult with coaches on mental health and sport psychology issues, facilitate concussion protocols, and work with individual athletes on mental health and performance issues. In the fall, our guest will begin as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Whittier College Counseling Center. Additionally, he acts as a Psychological Assistant at CBT center of Southern California.

We cover:

  • How to work with clients while still studying
  • How to transition from student to practitioner
  • Navigating imposter syndrome while working with clients
  • How to be an ambassador vs an expert on a topic
  • How to overcome a fear of self-promotion
  • Why teaching beyond just what works for yourself is key


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